Dear Fabrizio,

I’m very sorry that, this year, my “traditional” letter to you is not for the day of your death but some days later.
I could justify my delay in a lot of way: being in the Us, just after the start of my second semester at Indiana University; being busy with my travel from Italy and a brief vacation in the coldest cities of the Midwest; the classes I have to follow and the lesson plans I have to prepare for my students. But the truth is that if you really care about someone or something, you will be able to find time for him/her or it. So, I can also apologize me for my delay.
It was 6 years ago when I came for the first time to visit you in Genova: that was also my first trip with Clara, and the mix of you and her gave the trip a kind of magic atmosphere. It was really unbelievable to find Cristiano on the harbour singing live your songs for Fazio’s tv show: me and Clara just came out for a pizza, without hope to find someone commemorating you (ok, maybe I didn’t read very carefully the Secolo XIX). But, you know, when time passes it is not only matter of days and hours: all changes, people, places, habits. So, I have to confess you that also me has changed. As you can read, I’m using with you for the first time a language different from Italian (that maybe you are not able to understand). Also a lot of other things have changed, inside or outside me: my goals in life are maybe more defined, I’m experiencing life in a continent different from Europe and also my favourite singers are different. So, Fabrizio, I’m very sorry to admit that also you is different for me: you were my favourite, the only one, the poet and the intellectual to consider as a model; but now you have become one between some others, even if between the best.
I hope you can forgive me. I thank you for all your songs, notes, words, music, picture, cigarettes, voice.
See you next year,




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